Trailblazer Academy Training Courses

awaken your gifts

Explore our range of courses designed to support you each step of the way. Unsure of where to begin? Take the Awaken Your Purpose course to discover your Gifts.

Passionate about becoming a Healer and/or Meditation Guide – join our unique Divine I AM Training!

Want to tap into your Voice, your Message, your natural Confidence? Join our unique and exclusive Lightworkers Rise interactive course.

eCourse: Beginner Level

What are your Gifts?

Discover with this eCourse designed to delve deep into your Life, your Experiences to highlight your Gifts. Using psychological and spiritual techniques, be guided through many process to help you tap into your own Gifts.

2 Day Online Training

Divine I AM Transmission Training

The Divine I AM Transmission Model is an open, intuitive model designed and channelled by Vaz Sriharan during many years of learning, working with energy. This system allows an individual to act as a Channel to TRANSMIT energies for Healing, Transformation, Awakening, Activation.

Interactive Program & eCourse

Lightworkers Rise

Lightworkers Rise is a hybrid Interactive and Solo Practice Course that you can partake in your own time. It has been developed to Meet the ongoing core issues of sabotage that many lightworkers face as well as the real need for a safe (and fun) environment to learn how to express confidently. Including:

coming soon

Grounding Lightworkers

Grounding Lightworkers is a program designed to support you in Anchoring your Lightwork into Form.

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