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Our beautiful community consists of healers, coaches, meditation guides, Divine I AM practitioners, visionary artists, lightworkers, trailblazers, spiritual entrepreneurs & more.

This is a space for you to enjoy the wonderful benefits of Support, Connection & Elevation. We offer Accountability Partners, Mentoring Calls, Sharing Circles, Q&A, Motivational Videos & More!

Gain more insight into the journey of a lightworker…

Additionally, this is a held space by lightworker mentors who have journeyed through the Trailblazer Academy to support you in always Elevating to your higher potential.

Our group will occasionally offer unique challenges to help with motivation and more..

If there is one thing I yearned for when I first began my journey – was the support of others. Luckily having created the London College of Spirituality, I was surrounded by beautiful souls I could count upon for advice, recommendations, support & exploration. This group is an evolution of that to offer you support for your journey.

This is absolutely vital on any path. Trying to do it alone is admirable yet is it necessary? It can take far longer and we deny ourselves the beautiful connections we can have with other peers.

Additionally support keeps us in check. It keeps our Ego in check. It keeps us in morality, ethics & empowerment checks. These are vital if we truly want to be an authentic heart centered lightworker.

Without the support of other lightworkers I wouldn’t be where I am today. Every single soul has something to offer and especially when we are being held by mentor(s), we truly Elevate

Vaz Sriharan


What you will receive

⚡️ Access to Facebook Private Group

3 Months

➟ Immediate access to all previous mentoring videos by Vaz / Mentors
➟ Participate in Q&A Monthly Calls
➟ Find an Accountability Partner! Be supported by your own personal buddy on the path
➟ Share difficulties, struggles, challenging experiences with your lightwork with your Mentoring Soul Family
➟ Co-Create with others on the path. Develop new projects & let the Magic begin!

Note: Please note as with all of our interactive elements and groups, we reserve the right to remove any individual at any time who becomes a dysfunctional unsupportive element. We are 100% committed to ensuring a held group so all involved feel safe to be as vulnerable as they wish. Our Moderators will offer warnings where necessary or remove if a line has been crossed. Please always treat your fellow lightworker with admiration, respect and love – and you will receive the same.

Private Mentoring Community

You will gain access to the group within 48 hours. Your time will begin from the moment you have access.

Please read more through the link

6 Months Access = $333
3 Months Access = $222

What Our Participants Are Saying

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Words cannot describe how much my energy has changed through taking part in this programme. I was in a place where I could see my potential but struggled to take the action that would make it happen. It’s an incredibly powerful programme that helps you to create new pathways within yourself and through your work.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Joining and working through the Lightworker Programme that Vaz and Adya have created really felt like the kickstart of a huge period of transformation and growth for me that is still continuing today. Working through the content and the exercises in the safe space that the programme creates, I felt myself gradually opening more and more to possibilities and direction for my life that I’d never found the courage to explore before. On a practical level, the tools that I learned and developed through the programme have become an integral part of how I continue to grow, learn and manage the sometimes turbulent times of this transformation. As I reflect back on how life has changed so positively over the last 12 months, I am truly grateful to the programme and to Vaz and Adya for their love and support.”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Vaz and Adya have created such a powerful program that will challenge you to follow through with. Compared to other online programs where you have to go through hours of online content hoping to find your next insight based on someone else’s story; You will start to write your own story others can relate to and can find support and guidance in.