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Reality of Relationships

Adya Nova and I are delving deeper into healing core themes around relationships…I used to have a very polarised view of relationships. It was either perfected fairytale bliss when I viewed others. Or it was dysfunctional when I had my own!How did others find it so easy when mine brought up so much? I could say…

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Release Bundle Ceremony

This Release Ceremony is a beautiful way of Surrendering our pains, sufferings, hurts in a TRANSFORMATIVE positive way. This enables us to let go, with acceptance and allow Spirit to assist us with the transformational alchemical process of Forgiveness & Surrender. They are often performed on astrological occasions, such as the Full Moon, Eclipses, Solstices, Equinoxes.…

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Visibility & Being Seen

Visibility is scary… being vulnerable in front of people is terrifying yet it’s the one thing that creates true connection between souls. It allows us to say “I see you” and to open our heart to another. I often feel a resistance and fear around expression and being seen, especially on social media. Ironically I’m very…

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I’m a big believer in our lifestyle taking priority. We want happy, fulfilled lives that create space for the things we love: perhaps spiritual connection, peace, nature, fun, connection with others, creativity exploration…A lifestyle devoid of what makes us happy is counterintuitive to why we actually work. If our purpose is fulfilment and happiness then we…

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Are you a People Pleaser?

People pleasing is a term used to describe how we deny our own truth in favour of others, in order to be liked. However it relates to so much more. Essentially it reflects our relationship with our Truth, Voice & Power of Communication. Here are some of the symptoms: Inability to say No to others Feeling…

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The Great Shift

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been anticipating the Great Shift in tangible form. It’s here. It’s happening. I am taken aback with the amount of people seeking support right now. In a way it’s no surprise. These times are the perfect ingredients for Awakening. Yet as you well know Awakening is no picnic. Especially…

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World Changes

The world is moving through immense, necessary, changes. It is only by purging these polarised ideas can we finally let go of their grip upon humanity’s consciousness. You will undoubtedly find yourself being pulled into all kinds of directions of what to believe. This is a just a reminder that your reality always belongs to You.…

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Will you walk with me?

“Why can’t you see the world the same way I do?” Maybe we’re not meant to Maybe I’m here to mirror your extremityAnd you’re here to mirror mine What if You and Me dropped our flagsof self righteous beliefs What if in our all knowing wisdom,we realise…we do not actually know very much at all. What…

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Attraction & Reflection

Our journey of manifesting, attracting, reflecting what we want in our external reality is one of Alignment. It is a journey of Self Growth. When we desire certain things in our lives what we are really saying is – I wish to become that… As only when we become that, can we vibrationally match it…in order…

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