who are we

we believe in the empowerment, divinity & sacred purpose of each and every soul

We envision a world united. We are committed to producing content and experiences that serve Unity Consciousness in its purest form. We are actively navigating through polarisation with spiritual growth and wisdom. Our core principles are Serving Spirit. Serving the Heart. Serving Unification.

Meet Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova

Welcome friend. We are Transformational Teachers, Meditation Guides, Healers, Creatives…in Sacred Union! We are passionate about supporting souls embrace their potential. Everything we share is based on our own experiences and what has allowed us to Rise. All of our programs & content is an expression of our devotion to the Divine and our commitment in service to All That Is.

We are honoured to share this journey with you.


Vaz Sriharan

Intuitive Channel, Healer, Guide, Writer.
Founder of London College of Spirituality, Trailblazer Academy, Divine I AM Transmissions. Author of Infinite Being.

Adya Nova

Visionary Artist, Intuitive Channel and Energy Healer (Reiki Master & Divine I AM Transmission Facilitator). Co-organiser & facilitator at the London College of Spirituality and Mentor at Trailblazer Academy.