Release Bundle Ceremony

This Release Ceremony is a beautiful way of Surrendering our pains, sufferings, hurts in a TRANSFORMATIVE positive way. This enables us to let go, with acceptance and allow Spirit to assist us with the transformational alchemical process of Forgiveness & Surrender.

They are often performed on astrological occasions, such as the Full Moon, Eclipses, Solstices, Equinoxes.

You will need:

  • A piece of biodegradable cloth Or non-toxic material
  • Your Old Story on an A5 or A4 piece of paper 
  • A stick of ceremonial Sage or a pinch of Sea Salt (or Himalayan Salt)
  • Pinch of tobacco if you have some (or a dry leaf that has fallen from a tree)

Find a space to be by yourself. Breathe. Take a few minutes to settle and connect with your mind, body, soul. Greet yourself. How often do we truly do this? In fact why not do this now? Just for a moment, take a few breaths. And reflect back on this past month or year (depending upon the cycle you are releasing for).

What has it meant for you? How has it been? During these tumultuous times there is most likely to have been many experiences that have brought pain, suffering, challenges. Let us recognise these and celebrate them – together. 


Place it in the cloth or the initial piece of A5 paper

  • Add the Sage, Salt, Tobacco, Leaf (whichever you are able to find – or none if that is the case)
  • Fold up the Cloth (or paper)
  • This is your Release Bundle

Hold this release bundle to your heart

And begin to feel into it, all of the experiences you have felt. The emotions that have been brought up. We do not want to hide from our emotions yet celebrate the beauty they bring – this is a final opportunity to release and let go.

Repeat the following:

“I transmute the following:

Fear into Courage

Lack into Plenty                   

Old patterns of behaviour into fresh responses and vulnerability           

Anger into Cleansing Breath

Sorrow into Hope

Grief into Rebirth

Loneliness into Circle and Support

Disempowerment into Confident Action

Creative Dormancy into Full Expression

Superficiality into True Being

Masks into Love of What Really Is

Shortsightedness into Eagle’s Vision

Limitations into Possibility

Projections into Conscious Ownership

Stuckness into Movement

Depression into Light

Bondage into Freedom

Control into a Loose, Flexible Grasp

Obsession into Letting It Be

Anxiety into Flow

Fragmentations into Wholeness

Duality into Oneness

Shame into Acceptance of the Processes of Life

Mistrust into Trust

Judgment into Allowing”

Repeat this Release Prayer 

Connect to Spirit in your own way and repeat:

“I honour everything I have experienced this year. I love my dark, I accept my dark. I honour all experiences I have experienced. I understand these are all my co-creations and have occurred for higher reasons that I may not fully understand in this moment. I trust that Spirit is guiding me and will reveal the wisdoms and beauty of all my experiences in the appropriate timings. I transmute my experiences into Light. On this sacred day of the Still Sun, I release my woes into the Light. I allow the alchemical transmutation to transform myself. I let go. I am Free”

Once complete, feel immense gratitude and love for all those in your bundle – on a soul level – or if this is too difficult just ask for them and all situations to be blessed. 

Final Release

Release this bundle into a fire (recommended) or you can bury it as well (providing the cloth is biodegradable)

And allow Faith and Trust to know that Spirit, your Spirit is taking care of many unseen things associated with your ceremony. For you have initiated – and that is the prime directive of all, your free-will creates the space for spiritual transformation.

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