Visibility & Being Seen

Visibility is scary… being vulnerable in front of people is terrifying yet it’s the one thing that creates true connection between souls. It allows us to say “I see you” and to open our heart to another.

I often feel a resistance and fear around expression and being seen, especially on social media. Ironically I’m very good at being vulnerable yet there’s a dwelling fear around being criticised and confronted if I share too openly, if I’m too exposed.

I see so much trolling on social media accounts of those with big followings, even the people I consider as ‘heart centred’ and loving. It seems like a burden that if you are raw and vulnerable that some people will take advantage of that and just jump at the opportunity to break you down. Perhaps I’m hyper aware of this because of my own fears that are attempting to sabotage me.

I know that hurt people, hurt people. And in the West there are definitely many people suffering. I was one of those people in my youth. I held deep self-hatred thoughts for a long time. I felt worthless, useless and unhappy. It took so many years of inner-work and facing my shadow to even come close to liking and accepting myself. I’ve come far, yet I’m still on a journey to self-love.

Although I have many insecurities and flaws, I wouldn’t stoop to the level of spreading hate to others, especially those who are so brave to expose their heart, fears and share their own insecurities. I am inspired by those people. I strive to be authentic. Yet I often still sabotage my own expression… in fear of becoming a target or cyber bullied.

The truth is, my soul is yearning to share my message, my gifts, my art. If I can inspire just one person to also be open and vulnerable… to also follow their soul’s calling… then I know I’ve made a difference and it makes it worthwhile. I vow to keep challenging myself and showing up.

“Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the ability to act in the presence of fear”

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