Soul Contracts and Agreements

Contracts are agreements that we make on a soul level to initiate specific growth lessons that we want to embrace in our incarnation.

Whilst contracts have a strict fixed definition in our language. Soul contracts are fluid and flexible, and submit to free will. They can be individual depending on the experience or they can involve others who are also seeking their own growth lessons to interact with. Usually we agree to work with those in our soul family or adjacent soul families to carry these out.

On a higher level it seen as a devotional act of pure love, to offer to serve another’s soul growth & to simultaneously serve one’s own desire for expansion.

These agreements are a variety of creating joyful experiences and challenging ones. As the duality of experience on this plane initiated the awakening process. .
On a human level, life may seem confusing and chaotic because soul agreements are purposefully not revealed in the moment. However as we keep reminding ourselves of even the idea of our soul agreements/contracts, we begin to honour the choices that each soul makes with what they are choosing. We empower all souls with their choices. And in turn we empower ourselves with our own.

It is for each soul’s evolution, the road they choose, to learn and experience.

I realised this with my own experience, having come through many years of depression. I wouldn’t want anyone to take that away – in hindsight. As it sparked my awakening and led me to access my soul wisdom. However back then, in the moment, my desire was different of course.

This is the complex relationship we have with Choice & Soul Agreements on this planet. We choose and use our free will to the best of our ability, whilst our experiences are guided by our soul agreements & growth lessons. This then allows us to honour what is happening. We empower other souls with their choices and do the best we can to support, where needed. And in turn, we honour own choices – regardless of whether we understand why we are experiencing what we are experiencing

This empowerment liberates all.
And it is Time that reveals all.

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