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Traiblazer Academy is a unique spiritual educational organisation offering:
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Welcome to Trailblazer Academy

Namaste Friend. Welcome to Trailblazer Academy.

We guide, train and elevate souls to embrace their Divine Sacred Purpose & Awaken their Natural Confidence through our wide range of content. We believe that every single soul has a multitude of gifts that work in harmony with their Higher Purpose and the Service of All.

We help you discover what these are and bring them to the forefront of your consciousness so that others can benefit from what you have been destined to bring to the world.

We have a wide range of Courses, both solo practice and interactive to support your journey of Awakening. Whether you are seeking to become a trained Healer, a Meditation Guide to awakening your Gifts in general. Scroll further down to explore more…

Explore our Courses

Discover Your Purpose

What are your Gifts?

Our 4 week course is our entry point to discover your hidden gifts…

Become an Channeled Healer

Training: Learn How to Transmit Energy for Transformation

Be attuned in the Divine I AM Transmission model of channeled healing. Learn how to create Guided Journeys for Live, Online & Recorded experiences…

Awaken your Confidence

Lightworkers Rise

Awaken your natural confidence in a fun, comfort zone dissolving environment. Move through fears and sabotage with highly activational sessions. Meet others and evolve together!

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